Professional Optical

Aesthetics of Calibration


Treasure what is offered by nature via the approach of being the designer, to allow people and the environment to live sustainably with a friendlier approach.

This project is a glasses store forfeiting the old-style glasses store type with a brand new design, thereby creating a bright and professional commercial space with open-style design as the main body, utilizing the central island bar chair design to shorten the distance between the customers, employees and products, thereby allowing for more relaxed communication without the restriction of distance.

The visual space is extended via the use of the bevel design by the entrance as well as the lines of the walls on both sides, with circulation which is designed to attract customers to go inside the store; moreover, all products are displayed above the waist height to allow reducing compressed visual sentiment while further adding in rhythmic long and short planks, resembling the long and short markings on the calibration, allowing the product arrangement with variation and separation without influencing the overall spatial harmony, it is a spatial design filled with ingenious ideas which combine with the product characteristics.